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With an increasingly evolving market-place, the former Canada One Brand Name Outlets, needed to reassess their place within their market and their brand identity. New development of an open-air brand name outlet centre created steep competition for the seasoned brand name outlet mall. Both the sheer size, attractive brand name tenant draw and state-of-the-art design made what was once the premier brand name outlet shopping centre, a distant runner-up. At a cross-roads Canada One decided to acquire the assistance of B.W.K. and take control of their fate. We reviewed the property, their tenant mix; strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and decided to broaden our attention to include the local market and become a lifestyle centre


Firstly we reviewed the entire centre’s portfolio from; in-mall collateral, way finder signage, and website design to coordinate a seamless transition and cohesive rebrand across all mediums. 


Managing the rebrand was very rewarding and the end result exceeded all our expectations.  Working with our client as ONE team, with ONE vision, undoubtedly was the key to our success. 



We decided that the use of “brand name” and “outlet” were a thing of the past, moving forward it would simply be “Canada One” with the subtitle “Niagara Falls” to reinforce the iconic location where the centre is situated. Our new slogan paid homage to the former “brands that matter” slogan by including it as one of many now rotating words in the slogan. Moving away from the excessive use of black, we introduced a light and dark grey, while also keeping their former brand colour of blue. To compliment the clean lines in the design, we found inspiration in the architecture of the centre to include a chevron pattern to soften the design.

Our campaign creation for Canada One was developed with our local market in mind. We wanted to add warmth and resonate with the loyal, local shoppers while still upholding our position as a shopping centre with great brand name fashion retailers. The use of the chevron and slogan, create depth and ensures the rebrand is carried into the advertising of the centre through it’s campaign imagery.



Delivering creative elements to a website can pose some challenges. Often templates and corporate design guidelines can limit the implementation of creative elements to your website but that does not prevent achieving the overall goal of consistency in design. With some small alterations we formulated a web-based RGB colour pallet and altered the layout of the Canada One logo to fit within the specifications provided. With strategic use of colour to infuse the graphic aspect of the rebrand, while taking careful consideration of the structural limitations, we were able to achieve the new direction for the website rebrand. 

Keeping with the use of the chevron pattern and our other branding guidelines we created a new Canada One brochure. Introduction of the new 3D directory map rendering, tenant listing, shopping hours, and highlighting of important amenities offered in the shopping centre, we best utilized the space provided.

Inspired by the new direction for the shopping centre, we decided to strip away the basic black and white signage on the entrance doors and instead introduce a beautiful pop of colour with blue vinyl for the hours of operation banners and continue use of the chevron pattern in cut white vinyl for a softer, modern feel. 



Redesign of the wayfinding signage and directory assisted with providing a clean and clear navigation throughout the open-air shopping centre while still keeping consistent with the redesign and branding guidelines.


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