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Stone Road Mall undergone an expansion in 2016 - 2017 and decided it was ready to take the next step in evolving their brand with a fresh new design that held true to their positioning as a fashion centre. Their “STAY TRUE” philosophy, heighten with the bold use of pink, was essential for the redesign but with the desire for a more modern, contemporary feel.


With the help of our team at B.W.K. we devised a plan by first reviewing the entire centre's portfolio from; in-mall collateral, wayfinding signage, and website design to coordinate a seamless transition and cohesive design across all mediums.


Management of the redesign was a huge success and the end result far exceeded our client's expectations. Working with our client as ONE team, with ONE vision, undoubtedly was the key to our success.



To deliver a more modern, contemporary feel, we introduced a light grey to the brand colour palette and removed the excessive use of black among their mediums. We introduced a text-cloud pattern using key-words that resonated with the centre such as FASHION, STYLE, TRENDS, BEAUTY and introduced some positively-charged words like COMMUNITY, LOVE, SOCIAL, and UNIQUE to bring the centre’s brand position and values together. Understanding that among the roster of mediums included in the redesign, some items would require bold graphics, we included in the brand guidelines a complementary and graphic font to use interchangeably throughout the redesign.

Understanding the client’s primary demographic is critical to the success of any campaign as your efforts should be to target those individuals. Through a third party provider, we discovered “Young Thriving Families” were among the largest group of people in Stone Road Mall’s PTA and it was then made clear that these families were to be the inspiration for the new campaigns. We formulated a series of images to launch throughout the year, speaking to the seasonal attire and capturing different moments our targeted demographic can resonate with. Together, the images, layered with the
text-cloud and slogan, create imagery full of feel-good vibes. 




delivering creative elements to a website can pose some challenges. Often templates and corporate design guidelines can limit the implementation of creative elements to your website but that does not prevent achieving the overall goal of consistency in design. With some small alterations we formulated a web-based RGB colour pallet and altered the layout of the Stone Road Mall logo to fit within the specifications provided. With strategic pops of colour to infuse the graphic aspect of the redesign, while taking careful consideration of the structural limitations, we were able to achieve the new direction for the website redesign. 


Keeping with the use of the text-cloud and our other branding guidelines we created a new gift card and gift card jacket. We first designed the structural layout of the new gift card jacket as the former design was not meeting the necessary function. We observed that the thickness of the paper material for that jacket was causing distress to its functionality. We source out a local and leader in the supply of gift card jackets to many large corporations. Not only did we replace the material for the jacket but we custom designed the new layout and managed to lower or clients overall cost for gift card jackets purchases. 

Inspired by the new development and expansion of the west wing of the shopping centre, we decided to strip away large amounts of colourful graphics on the entrances doors and windows and instead introduce a premium crystal-dusted frosted vinyl for the hours of operation banners and continue use of the text-cloud in cut-out stencils for a modern, contemporary feel.

Redesign of the wayfinding signage and directory assisted with providing a clean and clear navigation throughout the shopping centre while still keeping consistent with the redesign and branding guidelines. 

Understanding that the primary demographic for the shopping centre and young families with small children, the attentive Marketing Department at Stone Road Mall devised a series of centre specific events for families with children. Strategically placed around popular holidays, it was important to uphold branding guidelines while bending the perception slightly to include an array of colours, appealing to both parents and their children.



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